IAMCR2010 - Final Remarks

IAMCR2010 begun as an idea formally put forward by Moisés Martins in Paris (2007). By then, the plan was to host a conference in Braga in 2011. When the proposal was finally accepted, a team of people begun interfacing with the organization and planning the event to the smallest detail. The project started to occupy larger and larger portions of working days of an also growing number of people since the beginning of 2009 and involved an amazing group of volunteers from early 2010.

It now seems appropriate to write a few words about them - the 'engine room' staff, the 'ask me people'.
During a very intense week they had to assist, direct, transport, and help entertain more than 1200 people from some 80 countries. They had to improvise. They had to be extremelly patient. They had to relly on each other.
Most of them will forever remember particular incidents, particular moments, particular people, but they will also remember the whole experience and the deep personal attachments that developed during this week.
In time they will also appreciate how rare that can be.

Thank you all!

(We can now focus on organizing something less demanding
...like the World Cup, or the Olympics...)



  1. Dr. Manuel Pinto, Dr. Helena Sousa and their 'ask me' team deserves a true commemoration for the success of effectuating the herculean task of managing IAMCR 2010. My warm wishes and thank you all.

    Sudhamshu Dahal, SAARC Doctoral Scholar from Nepal.

  2. Already missing last week!Thank you all for the amazing experience!Hope to see you all again (Istanbul maybe?).

    Patrícia Carvalho, transports' "ask me"

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