Online journalism in debate

“Ideals and practice in journalism production” was the theme of 4th session of the working group “Media Production Analysis”. The debate was chaired by Ida Willig and the several presentations showed different approaches on the journalistic area. The online journalism was the main theme in the room.

Last presentation, “O Meu Telejornal is no longer ours”, was from the portuguese Luís Loureiro. According to the RTP journalist, the public television site now allows the spectator to create his own news bulletin when and where he wants. Although this initiative had around 5 millions clicks in an one year space, just 3.3 personal sequences were produced per day. So he says “O Meu Telejornal is no longer ours and I can say that it’s no ones’ ”.

From Roskilde University, Jannie Hartley made a comparison between three danish online newspapers in order to know what the concept of breaking news is. She came to the conclusion that breaking news is “a new category of journalism” because, thought it is a very rare practice, “this is the main task to online journalism”.

Ingela Wadbring, researcher from the University of Gothenburg, spoke about the commercialisation of the journalism. The dataset contains about 3500 surveys in the years of 1989 and 2005 and the main conclusion is that “the journalist profession’s view on commercialisation has changed over time”. Wadbring also said that the work of the journalist “goes between information and entertainment”.

Finally, the speakers debated and compared theirs ideas and different points of view.

Daniel Coelho and Pedro Nogueira

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