Online Media and Social Movements

"Online Media and Social Movements" was the theme of the Community Communication´s morning section on Thursday, July 22, and was chaired by Gabriele Hadl.

The first speaker, Ming-Ying Lee from Providence University, Taiwan, presented "Youth use of  Internet-based Media for Social Movements: Analyzing the effect of official Blog Used in the Social Movement in Taiwan". Ming´s study takes a close look at the case of social movement in Taiwan, mixed with the characteristics of high-tech and youth use, namely "Wild Strawberries Movement", and explore the
potentials and restrictions of alternative media used by social movements. He showed how the blog has become a propaganda tool to promote and propose the movement ideals.

Chuan Yang Hsu from Tamkang University, presented "The virtual movement and online communities: a case study of T-Rex event in Taiwan" "one of major Taiwanese virtual movement events". He emphasized the role of virtual movement in the construction of imagined communities in Taiwan and raised questions about the propose of this movement."The internet is creating a new form of social movement", Mr. Hsu said.

Andrew Ó Baoill from Cazenovia College presented "Internet and Community Radio" and explained how the radio stations in United States are adapting to Internet distribution technologies. Mr. Baoill asked: "what community is served? In such a situation, what does it mean for a station to be "local" or to serve a geographic community? How are radio stations re-evaluating their missions in light of these changed circumstances?"

Diogo Soza

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